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Realtor. Car Guy

After shutting down Cass Creative and taking a couple of years off to de-stress, travel and finish up my 1965 Mercury Comet restoration, I started flipping houses.  Really, it was just something to do and I have always enjoyed working on my personal houses.  Flipping led to me getting my Realtors license, and here we are.  


As a tie-in with my website project, Car Show Radar, I have been branding my marketing with the Realtor. Car Guy theme.  It makes for visually interesting graphics that help cut through all the other photos of houses.  And it helps put me in the forefront of prospects retention.  "Oh yeah, you're that car guy."


I utilize heavy social media interaction as well as Facebook advertising along with MailChimp email campaigns to reach former and prospective new business.  I also produce videos of certain listings to help drive the sale. My social media call out is @hotrodsandhouses.  


Because that's what I do.

  • HotRodsandHouses
  • @hotrodsandhouses

Jennifer Place Property Video

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